Greaseproof brown paper bags

These brown kraft paper bags with block bottom have a greaseproof OPP foil on the inside. These bags are suitable for chocolate, cookies, coffee, and other foodstuffs. The brown paper bags are available in different sizes.


Are you looking for brown kraft paper block bottom bags which are greaseproof? As a manufacturer, Baginco has a wide range of paper bags produced from brown greaseproof kraft paper.

The bags can easily be closed several times thanks to the self-adhesive tin ties.

The brown kraft paper bags with Block bottom are available in 3 different sizes:

  • B 80mm + D 50mm x H 230mm
  • B 95mm+ D 65mm x H 295mm
  • B 130mm + D 70mm x H 340mm.

The outside of the bag is brown kraft paper for 80g, the inside is a grease-resistant paper of 70g. The bags are available in stock in 3 different sizes.

These greaseproof kraft paper bags are used for packing greasy products. The greaseproof foil on the inside protects the product from damp or grease on the outside and there are no traces of grease from the product itself to be seen on the outside of the bag. The block-shaped or rectangular bottom ensures that the product stays nicely upright in all circumstances, even if you remove some of the contents.

These brown greaseproof paper bags are suitable for flour, coffee, tea, chocolate, or other foodstuffs and also make attractive gift packaging.

These bags come from a sustainable source and are 100% biologically degradable.


Minimum purchase

Baginco has an extensive stock of greaseproof brown paper bags which you can order unprinted or you can personalise with your logo, brand, or your preferred printing.

  • Printed in high-quality flexo up to 8 colours
  • Personalised bags with a minimum quantity of 5,000
  • Choice from a range of sizes, materials, and finishes.

Are you looking for personalised or customised greaseproof brown paper bags?
Ask for a quotation with no obligation or contact us by telephone.

  • Colour: brown
  • Quality: kraft paper 80g/m²
  • Outer finish: brown kraft paper
  • Inner finish: greaseproof foil
  • Window: no
  • Print: none, but printing is possible
  • Sealable with tin tie: yes
  • Sealable with cap applicator: no.