Passe partout ‘café vert’

Baginco coffee bean bags are finished on the outside with kraft brown paper, and on the inside with metallised OPP film, which forms a protective barrier against damp, grease, oil, or air.

These bags can be used for packing various sorts of coffee (ground coffee or coffee beans).

Baginco coffee bags are available in different sizes.


Do you want something more than a traditional blank coffee bag? If so, choose these paper coffee bags.

Baginco paper coffee bags are suitable for packing special coffee in an exclusive manner or as a gift.

The foil on the inside means that the bag is damp-proof, air-resistant, and greaseproof to preserve the flavour and quality of your coffee during transport, on shop shelves, and in kitchen cupboards.

The rectangular bottom means that the coffee bags always stay nicely upright. Baginco coffee bags are food-safe and sealable with a cap applicator above 90°C or with self-adhesive tin ties.

As a manufacturer, Baginco continually has a wide selection of pre-printed coffee bags in stock, which you can also order pre-printed or customised (with a minimum quantity of 5.000pc).

Baginco pre-printed paper coffee bags with block bottom are available in 4 sizes:

  • W 70 mm + D 40mm x H 215mm
  • W 80mm + D 50mm x H 230mm
  • W 95mm+ D 65mm x H 295mm
  • W 130mm + D 70mm x H 340mm.

Baginco coffee paper bags with OPP film are the ideal packaging for exclusive coffee. The best-before date of the product is still guaranteed thanks to the transparent inner finish.

These bags come from a sustainable source and are 100% recyclable. The coffee bags are available in different sizes.


Minimum purchase

Baginco has a continually large stock of pre-printed coffee bags, which you can order with your logo, your brand, or your preferred printing.

  • Printed in high-quality flexo up to 8 colours
  • Personalised bags with a minimum quantity of 5,000
  • Choice from a range of sizes, materials, and finishes.

Are you looking for blank, personalised, or customised paper bags with metallised inner finish

Ask for a quotation with no obligation or contact us by telephone.

  • Colour: brown
  • Quality: paper of 80g/m²
  • Outer finish: kraft paper
  • Inner finish: metallised OPP foil
  • Window: no
  • Print: yes, master key image of freshly ground coffee
  • Sealable with tin tie: yes
  • Sealable with cap applicator: yes (+90°C).