Silver coloured paper bags

Baginco silver coloured block bottom bags are finished on the outside with silver coloured paper and on the inside with metallised OPP film, which forms a protective barrier against damp, grease, oil, or air.

These ‘party’ bags can be used to pack foodstuffs or also gifts. These bags make ideal gift packaging!

Baginco silver coloured paper bags are available in different sizes.


Are you looking for some attractive or exclusive packaging for your products? Are your products often sold as a gift? Do you prefer a shade of silver to a shade of gold?
Baginco silver coloured paper bags are cut just like gold coloured bags in order to pack special tea, coffee, chocolate, nuts, or other foodstuffs in an exclusive manner or as a gift.

The metallised film on the inside makes the bag damp-proof, air-resistant, and greaseproof so that the flavour and quality of your products is preserved during transport, on the shop shelves, and in kitchen cupboards.

The rectangular bottom means that the bags always stay nicely upright. Baginco gold or silver coloured bags are food safe and can be sealed with a cap applicator above 90°C or with self-adhesive tin ties.

As a manufacturer, Baginco has a wide range of coloured and gold and silver coloured bags continually in stock, which you can order blank or customised (with a minimum quantity of 5,000).

Baginco silver coloured paper bags with block bottom are available in 3 sizes:

  • B 80mm + D 50mm x H 230mm
  • B 95mm+ D 65mm x H 295mm
  • B 130mm + D 70mm x H 340mm.

Baginco gold and silver coloured paper bags with metallised OPP foil are the ideal packaging for exclusive coffee, tea, chocolate, or for extra special occasions. The best-before date of the product is still guaranteed thanks to the metallised inner finish.

These bags come from a sustainable source and are 100% biologically degradable. Gold and silver coloured block bottom bags are available in different sizes.

  • Colour: silver
  • Quality: paper of 90g/m²
  • Outer finish: silver coloured paper
  • Inner finish: metallised OPP foil
  • Window: no
  • Print: none, but printing is possible
  • Sealable with tin tie: yes
  • Sealable with cap applicator: yes (+90°C).

Baginco has an ongoing large stock of gold and silver coloured paper bags which you can order blank, with your logo, with your brand, or your preferred printing.

  • Printed in high-quality flexo up to 8 colours
  • Personalised bags with a minimum quantity of 5,000
  • Choice from a range of sizes, materials, and finishes.

Are you looking for blank, personalised, or customised gold or silver coloured paper bags with metallised inner finish?
If so, ask for a price quotation with no obligation or contact us by telephone!


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