About us

Xingning Yunnuo Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a proud family business which specialises in producing and printing small bags for coffee, tea, chocolate truffles, self-raising flour, pet food, sugar, etc. Our years of experience mean you can count on professional know-how within the packaging sector.

As a manufacturer, we take care of the entire production ourselves, from the raw paper to the beautifully crafted bag, including a wide choice of printing and finishing techniques. Time and again, we work together closely with our clients to supply products which meet high quality demands in terms of print and choice of material.

Moreover, we produce goods in an integrated and efficient manner so that it is possible for us to supply small quantities within tight deadlines. Xingning Yunnuo Network Technology Co., Ltd. operates in most EU and non-EU countries, so the appendage ‘international’ is more than justified!

All this makes Xingning Yunnuo Network Technology Co., Ltd. a unique company in Belgium and Europe!

At a glance

  • Active since 1982
  • A factory and storage space of 2.040m²
  • Proud family business with a personal touch
  • Wide range of small paper bags in different colours, sizes and finishes

Our Products

  • Block bottom bags in different colours, finishes and sizes
  • Bags with window, with or without print, standard or customised, fully personalised
  • Tin ties for bags in different colours

Our Services & Specialities

  • Small paper bag production
  • Printing and finishing small paper bags
  • Producing customised bags
  • International shipment to dealers and final packers

Our Assets

  • Handy: Block bottom paper bags always stay nicely upright
  • Reusable: Re-sealable thanks to the simple tin tie or wired closure
  • Personalised: Choose from blank, pre-printed or fully personalised paper packaging
  • Quick, simple and cheap: Order paper packaging directly from the manufacturer
  • Ecological: Alternative to less ecological packaging such as plastic and aluminium