Greaseproof bags

Baginco has a wide range of block bottom greaseproof paper bags. These bags are suitable for natural products, food, craft products, and all sorts of non-food products.

Baginco greaseproof paper bags are available in various sizes, colours, and finishes, blank or printed, with or without a window, so you will definitely find what you want!

Discover the full range of paper bags and packaging!

Are you looking for greaseproof bags?
Baginco has a wide range of greaseproof paper bags in stock

Advantages of greaseproof paper

The use of greaseproof paper for block bottom bags has several advantages. Thanks to the greaseproof inner finish, the bags don’t allow any grease or oil through and they are absolutely ideal for packing items such as self-raising flour, coffee, tea, and chocolate.

Personalised bags in greaseproof paper

Does your company have a logo or brand? Show it off, use it to make your product known and to distribute it. Baginco personalised bags are the perfect tool to help you stand out from your competitors.

Baginco is giving you the opportunity to personalise greaseproof paper bags with your logo, name, or slogan. Promote your brand and opt for Baginco printed, greaseproof bags with your personal touch.
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Paper bags in different sizes, colours, and finishes

Are you looking for greaseproof paper bags? Baginco has a wide range of paper bags, in traditional kraft brown paper, in gloss or matt white, in gold or silver colour, and in lots of other colours. Baginco is a paper bags and paper packaging manufacturer whom you can approach directly!

The inner finish is a greaseproof OPP or metal foil, which protects the product against outside influences, such as damp, grease, or air and at the same time prevents the bag from letting grease through.

Tin ties can be applied to the bags manually or mechanically. The bag can be sealed quickly and properly with a tin tie to extend the shelf life of the product.

Greaseproof paper bags manufacturer

At Baginco you buy greaseproof paper bags directly from the manufacturer, even in small quantities. This way you don’t need an agent, a wholesalers, or shop for your paper bag orders.

Buying paper bags directly from a manufacturer like Baginco has a lot of advantages:

  • Wide choice available in stock
  • Speedy deliveries
  • Small quantity purchases possible
  • Deliveries within and outside the EU
  • Professional advice in your project.

Baginco is a paper packaging manufacturer and a specialist in block bottom paper bags used by health food shops, grocers, bakeries, confectioners, and other food shops, which want to sell their products in ecological packaging.

Our block bottom greaseproof paper bags in stock