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Why choose Baginco?

High quality and finish

In each stage of the production process, from the choice of material and the design to the printing of the bags, Baginco small paper bags meet the highest quality standards. This means you can be sure that you can use these bags daily under all circumstances for a long time!

Personal advice & project support

Thanks to years of experience, we can help our clients to choose the right packaging for their product. At Baginco we ask only for your name, not your client number! Don’t hesitate to share your project with us. We’re only too happy to advise you on the choice of the right paper packaging for your products.

Print in quadric up to 8 colours

Choose a print or layout to suit your corporate image, personalise your bags down to the smallest detail, up to 8 different colours. It’s possible to print not only the front or rear, but also the sides and bottom.

Delivery in small quantities

Order only the bags which you really need; at Baginco you can order blank or pre-printed bags in quantities from 400pc. Personalised or customised bags can be supplied in quantities from 5.000pc.

Speedy deliveries

Baginco delivers within and outside the E.U. to meet tight deadlines via a reliable courier service. We can guarantee speedy and correct deliveries because we do all the work on the bags entirely on our own from the finish to the printing.

Food proof

Baginco paper bags are 100% food grade and ideal for packing comestibles. Baginco bags are fitted on the inside with a foil, which protects the food against moisture, air, and other influences which can affect the quality of the food.

Benefits of Baginco paper packaging

  • Handy: Block bottom paper bags always stay nicely upright
  • Reusable: Reclosable thanks to the simple self-adhesive tin tie
  • Personalised: Choose from blank, pre-printed, or fully personalised paper packaging
  • Quick, simple and cheap: Order paper packaging directly from the manufacturer
  • Ecological: Alternative to less ecological packaging such as plastic and aluminium

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