Block Bottom Bags

Baginco has a wide range of block bottom paper bags in various colours, types of paper, sizes, and finishes.

Baginco can supply blank and pre-printed block bottom paper bags from its stock with a minimum quantity between 400 to 1,000 per box.

The bags are available in different designs as regards inner and outer finish: greaseproof, air-resistant or damp-proof, and can be recycled.

Are you looking for block bottom paper bags?
Baginco has a wide range of block bottom paper bags in stock

Uses for block bottom bags

Baginco block bottom paper bags can be used for various purposes. Baginco paper bags are food safe, easy to fill, and are often used in the food sector. These uses include packing coffee, tea, nuts, chocolate, cakes, candy, spices, and flour or for packing other foodstuffs.

Baginco Block bottom paper bags are, moreover, ecological (100% degradable), cheap, and can be personalised with a logo or brand and are also being used more and more outside the food sector.

The bags can be used for packing soaps, candles or hot plates, pot pourri and scores of other small gifts, which require original packaging. For example, gift shops, health food shops, and traditional craft producers are increasingly using our block bottom paper bags. In the packaging section you will find the most common uses as well as a few suggestions.

Advantages of Block bottom paper bags

  • Block bottom paper bags are 100% degradable, so they are an ecological alternative to glass bowls, stone jars, synthetic boxes, etc.
  • Paper bags take up very little room on the kitchen sink unit, in the kitchen cupboard, or on the shop shelf.
  • Block bottom paper bags are the recommended means of presenting your products attractively!
  • Block bottom bags have the advantage of staying perfectly upright thanks to the special bottom.

Do you want to stand out distinctly from your competitors? You can put a marketing promotion on the Baginco personalised Block bottom bags on 5 different sides of your product packaging. If you want more than just a blank bag, you can opt for the Baginco pre-printed paper bags.

Block bottom bags in various finishes and sizes

Baginco has over 40 different types of blank and unprinted block bottom bags in stock. These are in various sizes, finishes, and sealing options. The available sizes are: B 68 + D 40 x H 177, B 80 + D 50 x H 230, B 95 + D 65 x H 295, and B 130 + D 70 x H 340 suitable for coffee, flour, tea, chocolate, or other foodstuffs.

For coffee or tea Baginco has several different pre-printed block bottom bags, if you happen to want something more than just a blank paper bag with no printing.

As a paper bags manufacturer, Baginco can also supply customised work. they can also make block bottom bags in different sizes, colours, or types on request. Contact us for a quotation with no obligation.

Personalised block bottom bags

Apart from blank or pre-printed Block bottom bags, there are also personalised block bottom bags. This means that, apart from the size and the type of paper, you can also choose your own printing. From a minimum quantity of 5,000 you have a fully customised block bottom paper bag, such as, for instance, a window white bag with your logo or brand.

Sealable (re-sealable) block bottom bags

Baginco block bottom bags can be closed mechanically or by hand. If you don’t possess a cap applicator, you can opt for the Baginco self-adhesive tin ties, which are available in different sizes and colours. With self-adhesive tin ties it is easy to seal and re-seal a block bottom paper bag. Create your own block bottom bag with tin tie and extend the shelf life of your product!

Block bottom paper bags with or without a window

If the content of the block bottom bag has to be visible, you can best opt for a bag with a window. In this way you can use one and the same window bag for different products and yet still recommend each product separately.

Block bottom bags manufacturer

Baginco is market leader in the field of producing and printing block bottom paper bags. Blank block bottom bags can be ordered with a minimum of 500, whilst pre-printed block bottom bags can also be ordered with a minimum of 500.

Customised personalised block bottom bags (up to 8 colours) can be made with a minimum of 5,000. Choose your own size, type of paper, colour, or design, with or without a window.

Buy block bottom paper bags direct from the manufacturer! Order directly from Baginco and avoid any unnecessary intermediate steps via importers, wholesalers, and intermediate suppliers. Baginco delivers in Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, and France, as well as in all other countries within the EU and worldwide.

Paper Block Bottom Bags in Stock