Ecological Paper Bags

Baginco sells ecological paper bags – with or without window. These bags are ideal to attract the environmentally conscious customer. Both film and paper are 100% biodegradable.

Our ecological bags are available in various sizes, colors and finishes. For example environment friendly paper.  Don’t find what you’re looking for or do you have a specific question?

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Are you looking for ecological paper bags?
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Advantages of ecological bags with 100% environment friendly paper

Bags made out of ecological paper have a lot of advantages compared to packages made out of polyethylene, plastic or other synthetics. Below, you will find an overview of the most important advantages:

  • Ecological: Paper bags made from ecological paper are, in comparison to a lot of other packages, recyclable, biologically degradable and compostable. The use of paper instead of plastic, shrinks our ecological footprint.
  • Handy: Bags made out of ecological paper can easily be opened and closed by using a closing strip, or using a heat sealing machine.
  • Safe: Ecological paper bags are less harmful for the environment than bags made out of synthetics. They also are less dangerous for our marine fauna.
  • Reusable: An ecological paper bag can be recycled to new paper or you can reuse it yourself.
  • Compact: Ecological paper bags take little space, during transport, stocking and use.

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